Telemedicine from Travel Health USA


Travel Health USA has partnered with Eventure to help make your travel a bit easier. We’re a telemedicine company with dedicated board-certified doctors who will diagnose symptoms and provide prescriptions for travelers in need of on-demand travel healthcare.

Travel Health USA is Here to Help

Travel Health USA is an on-demand telemedicine service company, not an insurance company. We are a HIPAA-compliant healthcare company, with a goal to help travelers avoid unnecessary and expensive ER visits during their vacation or business trip.

Feeling sick on your trip? Forgot your prescriptions at home?

What is telemedicine? It’s a way to make sure your healthcare is covered, even while you’re traveling outside your home state or country. Travel Health USA has doctors who can diagnose and treat patient symptoms, as well as prescribe medications for a wide array of medical issues.

Travelers will purchase a subscription to our service before their trip to Nevada through our travel partner, Eventure. Upon arrival to Nevada, if you need non-urgent medical assistance, contact Travel Health USA via phone or mobile website. There, you’ll have access to a Board Certified US doctor within 15 minutes. Every time you contact us for telemedical assistance, you’ll receive a follow-up phone call to check on your well-being.

Get Started with Telemedicine Today

To acquire your coverage, make a one-time prepaid fee for the travel period. There are no hidden charges for the services provided. Be prepared for anything on your trip with Travel Health USA’s healthcare coverage. Get yours today!

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